DevOps is more than a technology or a set of development tools. It is an approach that requires an important cultural evolution within organizations, that improves communication, imply a constant collaboration DevOps where the integration between the development and operations teams is manifested, for the purpose of being able to help to be early in the market, reduce infrastructure costs and enhance the final quality.


The correct choice of the tool set will ensure that the self-service of the resources is guaranteed and the security risks in hybrid environments are reduced. In addition, it gives place to the creation of applications and the use of better quality practices that will help to identify bugs early in the development cycle.


Our DevOps ingeneers and specialists will guide you to achieve a successfull convergence of development, tests and operations through the replacement of manual processes prone to errors by automated methods that will improve traceability and repeatable workflows.

Cloud Legion

Charasteristcs of DevOps Service


We highlight the operation of the equipment and the needs of the business to generate a roadmap. We offer personalized advice and we take care of accomplish an analysis of technological alternatives and the study for the implementation of solutions.


We transmit the knowledge to our customers so that they can carry out the new practices in a natural way. Our specialists fulfill the dual function of executing and carrying out training sessions of the main tools.


Under the premise of adding value to daily tasks, we implement the whole toolkit, methodologies and solutions necessaries to adopt the methodologies change successfully, through frequent, simple and safe processes.


The constant development of technologies means that IT teams are left untimely with different functions or solutions, so we can intervene as mentors and contribute in the development of start-ups or the resolution of certain actions.


Our certified and specialized technical team is available to solve any kind of problem with the set of tools applied. We have alliances and the necessary experience for the maintenance and management of systems.


To enhance and evolve the infrastructre is neccessary to have metrics: Our services looks for changing, recollecting and proccessing data in valuable information that will be able to be used in IT equipment.


Cultural transformation is one of the most important characteristics in the whole implementation process of an infrastructure as code: team members need to communicate and rescue work practices based on agile methods in the operation, such as SCRUM, Kanban, Dojos.

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