Cloud Computing

We provide services and complete solutions related to cloud computing, in order to meet the needs of our customers. Our team of certified specialists works in coordination with the whole IT area of ​​your company to ensure all aspects of cloud computing, to comply with the standards defined by the company.


Are you thinking about migrating your current solution to the cloud? This service specializes in the migration of applications to the cloud. Ideal for those looking for intelligent scalability, security, availability and stability.

• Analyze the existing applications and the IT infrastructure.
• Identify candidate applications and profitable cases.
• Order the applications according to bussiness benefits and risks.
• Development and monitoring of a strategic plan for migration from the Company to the cloud.
• Continuous analysis based on the immediate results of being in the cloud.
• Adaptation and changes in the strategic plan according to the analysis.
• Knowledge transfer for making decisions in regards to cloud services

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Cloud Architecture

¿Did you know that a well designed architecture can generate savings? Consider the bussiness aspects, operation costs, to take full advantage of the cloud provider's facilities are just some advantages. However, your application may still need fault tolerance, high availability and reliability. We are strongly trained in Amazon Web services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Rackspace to projects of any size.

• Analysis and definition of integration points between different environments.
• Use of native tools provided by cloud environments.
• Definition, design and development of integration components for hybrid architectures (Cloud <-> On Premises).
• Emphasis on the security, availability and accessibility needs of the business.

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Cloud Project Management

We work in special Projects to each customer: Disaster Recovery Site, video Streaming, online content distribution, applications with global availability, remote backups and many others.

• Business overview.
• Analysis of the characteristics of Cloud Computing in the current situation of the client.
• A defined plan to guide towards the state of ideal architecture.
• Development of Cloud architectures components.
• Technical Guide to develop applications in the cloud.

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Cloud computing viability gap

This service validate if your Project is technically workable to stay in the cloud. In bussiness terms, the high costs can pause or end a project. The feasibility study aims to help our clients to have a technical, financial and business vision of what is being created.

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Cloud business continuity

When a disaster happens, you need to be ready to keep on operating your business without any interruptions. Our knowledge in business continuity management, let us find the best ways to run a mirror of all your critical services in the cloud and ensure business continuity.

• Technical analysis of source code and database
• Search for anti-cloud patterns (techniques without support for distributed applications)
• Understanding of the business, use and critical features to be supported in the Cloud
• Analysis for the exploitation of the cloud advantages an its benefit related to BCP and DRP.
• Integrity with the other critical sistems.

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Cloud Management

These services work in two ways in the customer environment: first, in a proactive way through the management of periodic actions such as backup copies, analysis of the performance and availability of the managed environment. Then it acts on the customer's demand when a minor change is needed, such as the increase of computing resources, publication of applications and installation of new tools.

• Adapting the best Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services architecture practices.
• Taking advantage of elasticity, scalability and availability of the platforms.

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