Assured Compliance

The regulatory and normative IT compliance, is an external “increasing” demand that affects the whole organization and do not allows evade or leave it aside, because of the enormous implications this would imply.
More and more, it is a complete challenge, rely on expert personal, qualified, updated and with the tools and resources needed, to be able to manage and handle in time effectively, reasonably costs and with the less possible impact over your business.

All these requirements, together with the challenge of facing the growing trend, in terms of number and level of demand, of regulations, rules and laws, become the compliance management, in a complex sistem, which, if is not properly managed, can lead to sanctions, affect the image and permanence of your company in the market.

Our Managed Services are provided in outsourcing modality, in the administration or implementation of its regulatory compliance program, in the continuous evaluation of the established controls, and also in the integral management of government, risk and IT compliance (GRC Management).

Nuestros Services, también involucran todos los procesos necesarios para verificar el cumplimiento de regulaciones del gobierno, estándares y normatividad de la industria, utilizando marcos de trabajo (frameworks), metodologías basadas en estándares y las mejores prácticas aceptadas.

Ofrecemos un completo conjunto de solutions eficaces, costo-efectivas e innovadoras, para ayudar a su organización con la gestión del cumplimiento, para que toda ella se enfoque, concentre y dedique al negocio. Administramos y aseguramos todo el cumplimiento regulatorio y normativo de TI que su empresa requiere.

Government and Compliance

Internal control system

Managed compliance of regulations and Frameworks of Internal Control Systems, such as COSO, COBIT.

Quality and Safety

Managed compliance with quality and information security regulations, such as BCRA 4609, others.

Security Management

Managed compliance with regulations in Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) based on ISO / IEC 27001.

Operational risks

Managed compliance with regulations in management of operational risk management systems, such as ISO 31000,27005, Basel III, among others.

Cloud Legion

IT risk

Managed compliance of regulations and Frameworks of IT risk management systems such as Risk IT, Cobit, SP 800-30.

Personal information

Managed compliance with regulations on security, privacy and protection of personal information and habeas data.


Managed compliance and advice on issues of management, control and software licensing.

Total Compliance

Services measured to the regulatory compliance needs of IT, provided by expert technical and administrative staff.


Continuous evaluation of controls

Through a continuous assessment of controls, your company can detect and correct any breach or variation in compliance with regulations and norms in time.

Monitoring and Permanent report

Know at any time, the status of compliance of your company, against the set of regulatory requirements that apply, in a general or particular way as required.

Transverse and transparent integration

Transversal integration and unified management of compliance with the different regulations and standards to be complied with, to ease and make their administration more effective. Transparent integration with your program or current regulatory compliance and IT regulatory efforts.

Increase in security and control level

By implementing an effective and recurring program of compliance management, your company improves the current level of control, security and protection against risks, threats, internal infidelity, cheat and problems.

No investment required

It is not necessary to make investments in external services or purchase/renewal of equipment and systems, we are responsible for providing everything necessary to ensure compliance with IT that your company needs.

Cost savings

Your company saves costs in monitoring, implementation, administration, maintenance and control of IT regulatory compliance, permanent staff training, contracting external services, purchase of equipment and technological renovation, among others.

Compliance in expert hands

The compliance area, as well as security and IT, is strategic and vital for the continuity of the business, so it cannot be managed by anyone or by personnel not qualified for it. We are your expert hands on IT compliance in your company, with more than 12 years of experience.

Permanent advisory

We become your specialized advisor and permanent ally, in terms of regulatory compliance and IT regulations, including its managerial, operational and technical dimensions.

Focus on your business

By delegating or jointly managing the regulatory compliance of your company's IT, you can dedicate completely to your business.

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