Efective Protection

Cybersecurity and Information Security, are vital and essentials resources for organizations and companies continuity. Increasingly, it is a complete challenge rely on expert personal, trained, updated and qualified to be able to manage them, without influencing levels of access and functionality needed by business, handle an strict risks control and threats, costs and required invesments.

All these requirements, joined to the challenge of facing both local and global threats, internal and also external for your Company, become corporative security, to your operation, management and control, in a complex sistem, in which may interfere with the normal operation of the same one, minimizing energy, and even being able to affect their own existance.

Our administratives services are provided in outsourcing mode, on the operation, soport and maintenance and devices control, platforms, infrastructure and computer security systems, in the evaluation of established controls and exposure to risk, also comprehensive management of information security in your company.

We offer a set of efficient solutions, effective-cost, innovated, to help your organization with corporate security management (cybersecurity and information security) so that all of it focuses, concentrates and dedicates to the business. We supply and manage the security that your business needs.

Security Management

Network Security

Protection with advanced technology, from your data network against external attacks and intruders (from the Internet) and Internal (employees/suppliers).

Security Officer

Permanent advice on Security and Compliance for your company, from the hand of an expert with real experience in the market.

End Point Security

Securing and protecting your workstations against viruses/malware, threats and internal or external attacks.

Secure Teleworking

Secure connection, fast and mobile to your office network via internet and from PCs with Windows, Linux or Mac, which makes it easy to work from any place.

Cloud Legion

Secure Interconnection

Secure and fast connection between the different offices of your company, through the Internet, regardless of their physical location.

Continuos Assessment

Testing and continuos assessment of the security of their systems and technological infrastructure, and their ability to react to threats and attacks.

WEB Security

Monitoring, control and registration of Internet access (browsing, social networks, downloads) by your employees, with personalized reports.

Total Security

Managed services tailored to the security and protection needs of your company, provided by expert technical staff.


Cost savings

Your company saves costs in monitoring, administration, maintenance and control of corporate security, personal training, contracting services, purchase of equipment and technological renovation, among others.

No investment required

It is not necessary to make investments in acquisition/reovation of equipment, or in external services, we take care of providing all the security needed to your company.

Risks and Threats Reduction

With our knowledge and technical specialized experience, we help you to face the threats, control and reduce the inherent risks of security (probability and impact), and in the prevention and apprehension of attacks and problems.

Security in expert hands

The areas of information security, are strategic and vital areas for business continuity, so they cannot be handled by anyone or by unqualified staff. We are your expert security hands in your company, with more than 12 years of experience.

Advanced Security

Your company always counts with updated information security, incorporating the state of the art of infrastructure and data protection technology, in the face of global trends in attacks and threats.

Increase in Productivity

With an effective strategy in your Company, interruptions caused by viruses are reduced, attacks, users or employees who are malicious or who abuse access to the internet and social networks, improving the productivity of your organization.

Permanent Advisory

We become your specialized advisor and permanent ally, in technical, operational and strategic issues of information security and information of your company.

Focus on your business

Delegating the security operation of your company in our hands, you can dedicate completely to your business, without any problem or impediment, instead of worrying about your company's information security.

Protection of Data, Assets and Users

Our services are focused mainly on the protection of data, infrastucture, information assets and users of your company, but also to safeguard the good image and reputation, to possible frauds, legal problems, and the assurance of your earnings.

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