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At Cloud Legion we have experts to collaborate in the development and implementation of information security strategies in the cloud and hybrid environments through a set of services that range from assesment to continuous auditing, based on the best market practices as well as in national and international standards.

General outline of our advisory process

Cloud Legion

Why choose us?

For our high commitment, our team of experienced professionals, continuous training, innovation, professional ethics, teamwork, integrity and confidence.

About us

Cloud Legion is a technology consultancy specialized in Cloud Computing Security, Information Security, agile infrastructure and specialized training.

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Consulting and training in the areas of Cloud Computing and information security, we take part in the management of certifications and selection of specialized staff. o

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Our industry every day requires professionals with a great level of specialization, Cloud Legion guarantees the highest quality standards in their training.

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With Cloud Legion we have achieved to secure our document management platform in the cloud, without buying or developing anything, only integrated solutions that we already had in a secure way.

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Focus on your business

Letting the technology, security and compliance of your company under our responsibility and care, you can fully dedicate yourself to your business, without any distraction or problem.

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Personal Expert at your disposal

We have expert and certified collaborators in the latest technologies, with real experience in some places of the Latin American and Caribean market.

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Cloud Legion was winner of the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards in the category "Best Startup at Cybersecurity 2018 and 2019".


Satisfied Customers

The heart of our strategy is to focus on the changes and the most suitable signals that give us our customers daily.

“I am highly satisfied with the service that Cloud Legion has always provided to our Company, since they show a great professional, technical and quality level, which has helped us to reach our objectives accompanied with our needs.”

Jorge Costa, — Jorge Costa,

“I want to be grateful to the team of professionals of cloud legion, the methodologies that have introduced in the depelopment life cycle of our products, has not only improved the security level of our code, but the quality and times, because they mitigate security problems very early avoiding rework. Very recommended.”

Fabian Vargas — Fabian Vargas

“Cloud legion is a Company that gives services of specific consultancy services, we have found in this Company a high professional level but above all a very clear common sense at the time of giving us the service. Nowadays, they advice us in everything related to Cloud platforms and development of information security.”

Claudio Manzanzani — Claudio Manzanzani

“Cloud Legion team gave us advise in the treatment of an incident with Ransomware, taking all the caution and always taking care of our most valuable asset, our information. Always professionals and especially very helpful with our requirements.”

Natalia Fernandez — Natalia Fernandez